Sustainable Development


The most important matter of sustainable development doesn’t support the quantity of economic growth but the quality of an environmental, economic, social, and cultural development.A sustainable community effort consists of a long-term and integrated systems approach to developing and achieving a healthy community by balanced environmental, economic, social, and cultural issues. The Romanian (European) Social Democrats advocates a sustainable development of our planet and not the destruction of the environment and our resources.


It is necesary that the price of the different resources must cover all calculatable external costs. The government has to add the calculated charges so the different resources get the same conditions on the market. If the charges are creating an income, this income is to restitute to the inhabitants and to the companies (the same restitution per inhabitants or worker).


As basic measures we can talk about sustainable development when total production of the region is sufficient to provide for the inhabitant’s needs without requiring more resources than the area can regenerate (energies, minerals, water, wood and agriculture, etc), also when not more non-renewable energy and materials leave than enter the region. Transportation stress belongs to this exchange calculation, and finaly when the calculated area to produce the necessary food, fuel, transportation possibilities, etc is not bigger than the region.


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