One of most terrifying things in the world…

.. is human paradigm shift…

Human beings are pattern recognizers. It’s what made us succeful, but the downside is that once we think we established a pattern as ‘true’, we tend to stick to it. We may contrive endless explanations why the pattern is true and over time the pattern becomes a paradigm, and may even become faith. Or dogma. Or Dictum. Same with the idea that everyone must work. Of course I’d agree with the basic premise. If people would arbitrarily be released from the social contract, why should society honor any responsibility for that choice – most working people would become very bitter if they had to carry the weight while others freeloafed around.


There is however a problem with this paradigm, and one that may very well cause many people significant hardship, And it may even bring our collective systems crashing down. What if I automate people’s jobs at an ever faster rate? This is argued to be happening in the book It has been addressed before by Marshall Brain, and earlier Jeremy Rifkin hinted at it. But if you bring this up you get these furious responses by market ideologes. It is not allowed to suggest this, in the same manner swearing in curch is deemed prudent behavior.


Why? Why can’t I ask ‘what if we lose more and more jobs every year through automation, robotizations and information technology derived strides in efficiency?’  … ‘what if society couldn’t even replace them if it actually made an effort?’… and ‘how much unemployment is discredited and hidden away from official statistics?’; This would also mean ‘how much actual unemployment can society sustain before it starts depicting scenes such as we start seeing in Greece (or Gaza for that matter?)’ Should we be forced to consider a basic income. And if so, for who? And if we do, how do we as a society avoid people curling up in themselves, ignoring the community, living of theirf BI in total navel staring existence? And is that question a polite, or fair question? Why do we as a society need to command people how to live? Or – what if we don’t give people a basic income, wouldn’t they do next to the same, BUT with criminal or desperate acts? Hard working people will hate these questions (untill they are forced out of work of course..) and people with money (who might find their assets renegotiated by a new societal understanding of money, value, duty, rights, prudence, human rights, destitution, exclusion,  despair) will see the stormcloudson the horizon.But the worst consideration of all – what if we find ourselves in a world with unemployment rates over 30%? Right now official statistics wear their panties over their head fabricating it’s all hovering at around 10%, but that is simply bunk. The reality in the mud in most of the well-consolidated rich nations is we have unemployment rates nearing 20%.  Add people becoming older to that mix. Add illegal immigration to that mix. Add China and India and low wage countries to the mix. Oh and don’t forget outsourcing.


Sure, we can just wait it out. We can accept a world where we say unemployment is x, and real unemployment is twice that digit. So at some point people will stop accepting this, and the consequences might endanger democracy (exclusion always has in the past…) in favor of ‘get up and go politcians’. And you’ll have blaming and scapegoating and racism as well. People don’t see that. People remain stuck in the same old paradigm that revolved around jobs, mortgages, monthly payments, school, education. But if the rug is steadily pulled from under all of us, at some point the section that can’t cope will be too big to be ignored…


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