U.S. announces major terrorist attack in Europe


..U.S. it seems playing with fire again… This nation still has not credible removed the allegations of conspiracy and self terrorism acts, when for now it is a opinion current in the masses as the U.S. has directed bombing of the World Trade Center Towers in November 2001. And here again today they announce acts of terrorism, but in Europe. It seems that Europe is the next entity to be sacrificed for the yankes cynical and selfish motivations…

We can „accept” that the attention of world public opinion must be distracted at any cost  from the global economic crisis that U.S. has created, but what the hidden leaders of these acts can understand then in the saying „who is seeding wind, pick up storm after„?…

We live an dirty and hypocritical reality of a world led by some miserable hypocrites! SO FUCK THEM ALL!

שווה אחד



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