Libya: No-Fly Zone

Eu cred ca suntem „putin destul de mult” pe o alta lungime de unda cu puietul studios a lumii occidentale. Am primit de la un site de zanatici, ce militeaza si ei pentru orice, numai sa se stie in treaba, un soi de petitie de fortare a mainii ONU de instituire a unei zone de interdictie aeriana in Libia, cica ca o metoda de lupta impotriva „dictatorului fioros” Gaddafi. Cert este ca ori sunt intr-o mare eroare, fiind crunt dezinformati si manipulati de reprezentantii mondiali ai raului, ori sunt chiar raul mondial sub travesti, mimand ca este o trupa naiva de „griinpishi” (greenpeace) .. Textul lor de „hai sa haidem” este urmatorul (colorat in rosu), iar apoi va expun mesajul care l-am folosit pentru votul meu, eventual cu rugamintea ca daca va mai pasa de sentimentul dreptatii in lumea asta profund stramba si nedreapta, sa publicati mesaje-vot intr-un acelasi diapazon cu mine.

As Qaddafi’s jets drop bombs on the Libyan people, the UN Security Council will decide in 48 hours whether to impose a no-fly zone to keep the government’s warplanes on the ground. Together, we’ve sent 450,000 emails to the UN Security Council, „overwhelming” the Council President and and helping to win targeted sanctions and a justice process for the Libyan people. Now, to stop the bloodshed, we need a massive outcry for a no-fly zone. If Qaddafi can’t dominate the air, he loses a key weapon in a war in which civilians are paying the heaviest price. But as long as his helicopter gunships and bombers are in the air, the death toll will rise. We have just 48 hours left – let’s hit 1 million messages to stop Qaddafi’s deadly attacks before it’s too late:

The Libyan opposition has called on the international community to help „protect the Libyan people from the crimes against humanity being committed on them”. The UK Foreign Secretary says „there are credible reports of the use of helicopter gunships against civilians by government forces.” The head of NATO, meanwhile, has said that any effort to create a no-fly zone would first require a resolution from the UN. In many crises like this one, one UN country or another has vetoed strong positions – but with Libya, something different has already begun. The Security Council’s sanctions are real. UN Ambassadors say that representatives are „substantially united” that Qaddafi has to go. What’s needed now is another push from the world’s people. A resolution wouldn’t be a silver bullet – the enforcement of a no-fly zone would be dangerous and complex. But even the serious threat of one could show Qaddafi that his time is up. Our governments need to know that we stand with the people of Libya, and we won’t accept delay. Send them a message and forward this to friends and family:

The non-violent movements for democracy in the Arab world have inspired people everywhere. Qaddafi, however, chose the darkest path – of violent repression to crush a brave and peaceful uprising. In this moment, we can see two futures for Libya: one path of prolonged violence by a dictator against his population, and one in which determined international measures support the aspirations of the Libyan people. In these crucial days, we must recognize that our own actions, as citizens around the world, affect the fates of our brothers and sisters in Libya. And we must come together in solidarity – with those who have been lost, and for those who struggling to survive.

With hope, Ben, Luis, Graziela, Benjamin, Ricken, Stephanie, Rewan, and the whole Avaaz team

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U.S. Seeks Consensus On Libya At U.N.


Ghadafi doar isi apara tara de trupele interventioniste, formata din mercenari straini ce vor sa para libieni. Asadar Ghadafi lupta pentru neamestecul brutal al altor state (vezi occidentale) in afacerile interne ale Libiei. De fapt printr-o lovitura de stat, mimandu-se o revolta populara anti-Ghadafi se urmareste punerea mana pe resursele libiene de petrol. Mai ganditi-va pentru ce semnati petitii pentru ca s-ar putea ca maine cei „eliberati” de NATO sa fiti chiar voi

Ghadafi is only defending his country by interventionist troops, composed of foreign mercenaries who want to look Libyans. So Ghadafi struggle for brutal non-interference in other countries (see West-World) in the internal affairs of Libya. In fact by a coup of state, mimicking a anti-Ghadafi popular revolt are aimed to put hand on Libyan petroleum resources. Think again folks what petitions you sign because might be that tomorrow the „liberated” by NATO could be even you …


„unul dintre egali”


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  2. Lia Rusu zice:

    ..din pacate oamenii sunt prea usor de manipulat. prin ‘oameni’ a se citi ‘mase’
    Una dintre marile probleme ale umanitatii, si ale romanului in mod special, este naivitatea , increderea gratuita acordata in baza unei asa-zise omenii prost intelese si gresit directionate..


  3. dementor zice:

    Natantotzi visatori vor exista mereu ,departe de realitate sunt in stare sa si graveze si creierul semnand pe el…,periculos este ca sunt atat de multi incat uneori totul devine posibil datorita imense lor ,,inteligente”Eu semnez o petitie pro Ghadafi daca exista….,sunt pro si o spun mandru ca economia de piatza nu mi a afectat creierul.


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