Why CLUJ – NAPOCA ?!….

Cluj-Napoca is “the Heart of Transylvania”: a cosmopolitan European city and an important destination for business in South-Eastern Europe, a city with a remarkable potential for foreign investments.

We are a multicultural city and we aspire to become a European Capital of Culture in the year 2020. With this goal in mind, we invest in consistently developing the urban infrastructure, we carefully work on preserving our historical patrimony and we implement ecological best practices to ensure environmental sustainability, for our children and their children’s benefit.

Cluj-Napoca is the second largest city in Romania, after the capital Bucharest. Due to the 11 universities present here, our city is considered one of the best places to study in, from this part of Europe. Every year, more and more university graduates are calling Cluj-Napoca their “home”, thanks to the wide array of career opportunities available to them.

The focus of our development strategy is ensuring that our city becomes one of the most welcoming cities in Eastern Europe, a great place to live and especially a great place to visit.

The local business community is actively contributing to our city’s growth and they are our key partners in the development strategies we implement. We invite you to join us as well!


„unul dintre egali”



Despre SorinPLATON

...a ordinary guy in such a complicated word...
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Un răspuns la Why CLUJ – NAPOCA ?!….

  1. eufrosin zice:

    Daca a fi cosmopolit inseamna trei „loseri” care jongleaza popice si inca unul care se da cu monociclul prin piata Unirii, atunci banuiesc ca traim intr-un oras cosmopolit.

    Eu sper totusi ca Clujul e mai intai de toate un oras romanesc. Pare ciudat ce spun, dar investitile straine nu sunt altceva decat unelte de cucerire economica a tarii. Sa ne gandim numai unde o sfarsesc profiturile, chiar daca salariile mizerabile platite de acele entitati ajung in economia locala (Kaufland, Carrefour, Auchan…)!

    Se pare ca România, a ajuns țară de lux pentru români:


    Felicitari pentru un blog interesant si pentru perspectiva corecta asupra clasei politice autohtone!


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