How to turn people into obedient herd of slaves

NOAM CHOMSKY – decalogue


1. The people must always have his mind occupied with something other than his real problems.

To do this: permanently divert attention from the real social issues, pointing to a minor subjects, but with great emotional impact.


2. People must perceive leaders as saviors of the nation

To do this: Invent false threats or creates serious problems that real worries and engage public opinion, and then offers solutions.

Example: Favors insecurity of citizens, and the government saves providential nation under repressive laws demanded by the people, at the cost of limiting their democratic freedoms.


3. Permanent people must be prepared for the worst

To do this: white propaganda mechanisms (official fully assumed by the government), „gray” (partly assumed) and „black” (never undertaken) must always promote the image of a government more concerned with improving the conditions of the uncertain future. Bad anti-popular policies will be applied gradually to prevent or mitigate social protests. In this way, the largest evil becomes bearable if administered in annual portions according to a schedule announced.


4. The people must belive that what governments prepare them to live bad is for all people good.

To do this: Get agreement with people for future hard economic measures. Human gets used to the idea and swallows everything, if is prevented and delayed.


5. People must have kind of thinking that not allow the identification of the link between cause and effect

To do this: should speak to people like they have all infantile thinking. In this way, the crowds are heading towards a kind of shallow thinking, naive and prone to poisoning information.


6. The people must weaning to problematize reality and then act on the spur of emotions

For this: To do always appeal to feelings and glandular reactions, not to reason. Encourage emotional reactions, because they are the easiest to manipulate.


7. Rewarding people with cheap satisfaction, to occupy all his time and demotivate him in achieving higher ideals.

To do this: a corrupt and broken educational system is the ideal tool to keep citizens ignorant and after to manipulate the collective views at discretion.


8. People should not have access to comprehensive, accurate, fair, and objective information sources.

To do this: must financial encourage those mass media that sick public and keep him tied on vulgar shows and serials, that pull down the intelligence.


9. People must be induced in herd mentality.

To do this: to stimulate individual sense of guilt, fatality, of helplessness. People who do not have the impulse to rebel, become a herd and are easier to be controled.


10. The people should not believe in the existence of official strategies and media manipulation.

To do this: Must seek every sciences conquests, to know the weaknesses of individual psychology and crowds psychology. At the same time, to discredit this psychology knowledge through the media, so that people do not believe in means and strategies for state people handling.






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