About Romania’s eternal „Political Police” ….

Unfortunately, Romania is a country with a democracy artificial guided, and not a genuine one. Nothing in the evolution of Romania for after „revolution” from 1989 was genuine, natural, but everything was and it is directed. Romania was and also it is conducted with the consent of the occult world leaders, by the covered  people from intelligence services, just like in Russia or in 3rd world countries.

In Romania it is almost impossible to develop yourself at an desirable personal level, if you are not accepted or, are not part of the oligarchic „elite” (community) managed by secret intelligence services. Absolutely all leaders of this country, from the president and ministers, downside, to the cheapest informers, covered in political parties, they are active part or descendants of the „secret services community”, and they are blocking access to the country control panels.


So it might be necessary an total boycott of the political and administrative  (oligarchic) leadership of Romania by the civilized world, it might be also  necessary an total isolation of Romania until will change the present „soft” dictatorial regime, established after ’89.

I put the word „revolution” inside quotation marks, because then (in 1989) was not a genuine revolution, but a „coup d’etat” with mimicked popular appearances, made by Romanian secret services in collaboration with the Russian and Western one. Then, if in the 90’s, Romania was a dictatorship of the second or third levels of frustrated (by Ceausescu) communist nomenklatura, the Romania of today times it is a real disguised dictatorship of the covered intelligence officers from the secret services.

We have & are a moral promiscuity and a generalized misery …..


„primus inter pares”



Despre SorinPLATON

...a ordinary guy in such a complicated word...
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