Assessment of Russia’s following terrorist path

Russia’s imperialist attitude has a motivation that escape from attention of many. The onset and intensification of terrorist activities of this slave state have occurred after Edward Snowden debriefing, the spy who defected recently from our side. I approximate as Russians took acknowledge of all the initiatives, plans, capabilities, limits and weaknesses of NATO – USA reunited armies, and concluded that maybe „now” was the right time to promote their agenda. The fact that the USA (CIA) reacted very discreet and formal until now, is a further evidence that this reasoning is valid. In conclusion, in this moment Russia knows exactly what is her measured and assumed strenght, and is conducting a leading role within their risk analysis.


Russia will not stop their warr path, if they (Russians) have not planned to stop, knowing exactly at what are exposed (they can know exactly how possibile unfounded is the structure of NATO – USA reaction, strongly affected by the economic crisis, by the budgets cuts from side of „pacifist” NATO members, by the pride and arrogance reasons and incoordination between states within the NATO alliance, etc.). The only thing that will stop Russia is a show of not approximated force from NATO – USA side, that can prove to their analysts, a break of paradigms and deployment plans from before Snowden failure.

As assessment of next Russia’s following path, I approximate as under the deterrent consensus umbrella of atomic arsenal, also under less coordination of  NATO states & USA, Russians will reiterate the usufruct of a new kind of Ribbentrop – Molotov pact, occupying the neighboring territories at self discretion, in the logic to constitute an pan-Slavicist nazi type vital space.

We must expect the worst from them !

„primus inter pares”




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