EUROPE in a further silent complicity…

 I say that’s enough one stick to a chariot with pots …

 All Europeans (only who we are) and not only the victimized French, can examine and take decisions on behalf of Europe, behind the principles of equality and equity. And this even more because „the established European countries” made in series geopolitical unpardonable mistakes. For example, it was expected that after chronic ethnic and xenophobic insult, the victims will react someday; was also expected that European principles as multiculturalism „political correctness”, to be someday twisted in primitive diapason, when hosts, as numbers, enter in balance deficit.

Paris 9.11 gate

I do not understand why at a hard European internal issue are invited as „solvers &  deontological, for free weeping on sholders”, the Africa, Middle East, etc. Do you („Old Europe”) really not understand that all non – Europeans look into their soul with envy and animosity at all it is mean Europe?

Therefore I propose to restore Europe to Europeans, and about „the rest”, must  treat them as only passenger guests, and nothing more. We can not let non – Europeans to make the law, agenda and trend in our house, and we just to stay further as fools in a silent complicity …


„primus inter pares”




Despre SorinPLATON

...a ordinary guy in such a complicated word...
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