Who is actually Uncle Sam ?!

USA has reached an authoritarian dictatorship. Order and discipline is maintained forcibly mainly into the impoverished bedding of American society, through so call „vigilantes” mercenaries of the law („cops”), and in the sole benefit of their wealthy class. Because yes, the US has become a cyborg mechanism, where a few people and families lead in occult way the whole country & world, through their own slaves.



Their regular citizens from the base of society are being sacrificed by hard work, by poorly paid, by health services which have become a luxury, by spartan military service, by lack of fundamental human rights, through racial segregation, xenophobia, arrogance and cynicism.
United States should quickly return to democracy since it became an abuser  !

„primus inter pares”

primus inter pares




Despre SorinPLATON

...a ordinary guy in such a complicated word...
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